DrBhokali V3 Jelly Bean ROM For Micromax A110 (Superfone Canvas 2)

DrBhokali V3 Jelly Bean ROM For Micromax A110 (Superfone Canvas 2)

Here is what you’ll have in there…
*. Pre-Rooted
*. GPS Lock fix
*. WiFi and Modem Fix
*. Better Sound Output [ Increased the volume steps ]
*. Reboot Option in power menu
*. Improved Battery Life Tweaks
*. Dodexed and zipaligned
*. Sony Xperia Z SWIPE Keyboard
*. Sony Xperia Z Launcher [ Just drag and drop any app to customize the HOME/DOCK ]
*. Sony Xperia Z
*. — Walkman
*. — Album
*. Themed Settings (Thanks to Tata Vista)
*. Modded battery and notification icons
*. Rudolph Window Animation/Transition
*. Acid Engine with noozoxide
*. V6 Supercharger Script
*. Modded framework to improve touch
*. Bravia Engine 2 for better image display
*. Loopy Smoothness added
*. Facelock / TV Out inbuilt
*. 60 fps (WOW…proximity working like a charm)
*. build.prop Tweaks
*. Boltware/junk apps removed
*. init.d script tweaks
*. Nexus one boot Animation

Download: DrBhokali V3 Rom

NOTE: 1) After flashing if your device is not showing phone and contact icon on HOME Screen…Just Drag and Drop from app drawer and Done !
2) Download Must have app Collection with this ROM. Link to CWM flashable “app collection” will be available in few moments
3) All other applications can be installed from Play Store
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