What’s New in TWRP Touch Recovery

What’s New in TWRP Touch Recovery

TWRP Touch Recovery

1. Add screen timeout – screen will turn off automatically after 60 seconds, saves battery and Prevents screen burn-in especially on AMOLED devices
2. Add a brightness setting.
3. Add a root checker and offer to install SuperSU if the device isn’t already rooted
4. Add a write buffer to libtar backups, significant improvements to speeds when backing up to exFAT target, minor improvements for other file systems Check and offer to fix root permissions if broken
5. Add an option for a 24 hour clock display instead of AM/PM (aka military time)
6. Move stock recovery reflashes check to occur during the reboot cycle 7. Add support for some MTK6xxx devices
8. Change libtar to vfork to help prevent memory problems
9. Add a “clicked” effect to most buttons, file selector, and list box
10. Improve time zone list boxm to be more like file selector (per pixel kinetic scrolling)
11. Remove some no longer used settings (Forced MD5 sum on zips, size checking on image backups)
12. Other minor bug fixes and improvements


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